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Security and RGPD

SSL encryption of communications

1The SSL protocol provides privacy and data integrity between two applications that communicate over the internet. This occurs through the authentication of the parties involved and the encryption of the data transmitted between the parties. This protocol helps to prevent intermediaries between the two ends of communications from gaining improper access or falsifying transmitted data.

Multi-tenant database per company

2This model favors the protection of data privacy. The data is not stored together in a single database. Instead, the data is separated and stored in isolated and independent databases. In this way, we guarantee that Company1 data does not coexist with Company2 data.

Firewall HUB / Agent

3Data transfers are always carried out via HUB E2E, never directly with E2E Agent, thus maintaining E2E Agent in anonymity. In this way we protect and encapsulate data exchanges. On the other hand, each E2E Agent only accepts data from the E2E HUB, thus creating an authentication and security barrier to unauthorized external access.


4The E2E HUB transacts online messages between its consumers and the E2E Agent. No customer data, documents or sensitive information are stored. No record of the transaction data is created nor is there any type of analysis on the processed data.